The gift you gave me unknowingly

You told me in the middle of an argument just before you deployed that you would forgive me for cheating on you. That statement shocked me because I wasn’t sure I could return the sentiment. For the longest time I told myself I could never be with somebody who would cheat on me. I would never be able to push the treachery from my mind. I respected myself far too much to stay.
I can say now that I would stay with you through far worse if you still wanted me.
I cannot envision a future where you exist in the world without me by your side. I love you. Through every bad day, every mistake we may make, every slump. I have carefully considered this since you told me and I can finally say I would forgive you. If in this distance and loneliness you experienced a moment of weakness I could not fault you for finding comfort where you can. And if you still had love for me and our family in your heart I could move past my pain and sense of betrayal with time. I love you too much to pay much attention to what others may think or believe is right. They may not understand. But you and I share something the world does not have to comprehend.
This is not to say I believe you ever will cheat on me or to give myself some kind of pass to cheat on you and point back to this for mercy. For you, my forgiveness would know few boundaries because you extended me the same when I could not reciprocate. I just wanted you to know.
A Soldier’s Wife

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