Smoldering intensity unchecked by the smothering imminence of you
Red hot skin burning the prints from my fingertips
Distorting my identity and erasing all reality.
You are the only man I will ever love.
Caressing tenderly my cheek, my body, the fragile pieces of my broken psyche
Slowly mending me from inside out with practiced delicacy
Until I feel human again and the icy throne I sat upon melts away and I fall into your arms.
I fell in love from day one.
Laughing gleefully at shared jokes and your endless gaiety
Humor filled goodness leeching into the dark
Dragging me from the ledge of my depression.
You gave me a life again.
Hungry eyes starving for the sight of you never satiated no matter how long
Longing for your touch the way you stroked my hair in the blackness of the night
The way you held my hand during car rides.
You ignite the tender of my heart.

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