Easy Pancake Recipe

Like most red-blooded Americans, pancakes, in some form or another, is my go-to weekend breakfast. It is comforting, filling, and just a little decadent. Kids love them, adults love them. I have many fond memories of Saturday morning breakfasts with my family over a towering plate of pancakes (and bacon). And they are so versatile, you can dress them a thousand and one different ways. Strawberries and cream, apple pie, blueberries, chocolate chips, healthier things if you are so inclined.
I have one recipe I use as the base for my pancakes, however I fancy them up afterwards. Pancakes are fairly straightforward but I still see many differing opinions on what constitutes a pancake recipe.
I learned how to make pancakes from my Appalachian Granny, the best cook in our family. Mind you, she didn’t have exact measurements, never used them when cooking, so I had to observe and guesstimate measurements based on those observations. This process took some trial and error on its own but I finally found a balance in ingredients that tastes very similar to what she makes. I made some adjustments to bring down the fat content of her recipe for more everyday use including switching buttermilk for 1% (though I still use buttermilk on very special occasions).
The pancakes have a decently fluffy quality and texture overall.


  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbl sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Enough milk to reach a batter consistency

I still haven’t figured an exact measurement on this as I always seem to need to add more or less on any given day.


Mix flour and sugar. Add egg and milk and whisk. Add more milk if batter is thick and more flour if batter is too thin. The batter itself should pour steadily from a spoon but not so quickly is splatters.
At this point you can add any additional ingredients if you want to dress up the pancakes like adding apples or cinnamon, etc.
In my pictures, I added cinnamon and chopped pecans.

Once your batter is ready heat a skillet to medium, too hot pancakes will cook too fast on the outside and still be gooey on the inside. Too low and you will be standing over your skillet forever.
Add a pat of butter to your hot skillet and let melt.

Pour batter into the middle of pan, allowing it to spread out in a circle to desired size. It is best to stop pouring slightly smaller than you like as the pancake will continue to spread just slightly as the batter evens out. I use a measuring cup to pour batter but I have seen some cool life hacks where people use recycled ketchup containers.
The pancake will cook on one side until bubbles cover the top of the pancake. Flip once. You can press on the center of the pancake to judge if it is done, it should feel firm.

And that is it! The recipe is foolproof, I have never had a bad batch from it. This makes about 4 large pancakes, usually enough for 2 people. Especially if you also make large quantities of bacon.

Hopefully this article helps somebody who has struggled with making pancakes in the past. And please take this recipe and make it your own, you could probably sub whole wheat flour or stevia sugar if you want to make it more wholesome.
Happy eating!

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