A Few of My Favorite Things

I have seen this particular blog/vlog trend floating around and thought why not? It’s Thursday, the weekend is coming, Spring Break is coming, let’s have some fun. I also thought this would be a fun way for readers to get to know me and maybe get some perspective on my weirdness.
Here are some of my favorite products.

Ninja Coffeemaker

Coffee is the only reason I get out the door in the morning. I don’t need breakfast, I don’t need a shower, I don’t need a cute outfit. I need my cup of black coffee. This coffeemaker makes delicious black coffee but also has the option to make iced coffee, flavored coffee, etc. It is basically a coffee shop in one little, moderately priced machine. It also gives you the option to schedule a brew so you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and you can select various sizes from a cup (12 ounces), a travel mug (14 ounces), a half pot, to a full carafe. There is a pull-down ledge for your coffee mug to perch on to reduce splattering.
My MacBook! Hubby bought it for me as an X-Mas gift, and I already can’t live without it.

Hubby took my old laptop overseas when he deployed in 2016, and it did not survive the trip. To be fair it was fairly roughed up when he left, I had owned it for about 5 years before that. But he ended up buying me a new laptop when he came home, a MacBook which I had wanted for a while. It is lightweight, slim, but still a workable size. This is also my first time spending a substantial amount of time on iOS, I had been a Windows user my entire life, save using mobile iOS on my iPhone. But the OS was easy to learn, and I am in love with the Rose Gold finish.

I absolutely adore the Kat Von D Lock-It foundation and have exclusively been using it for years. This is a full coverage foundation and can cover tattoos if needed. I use it to hide something even less desirable than a regrettable tattoo, my natural skin tone. Seriously, this foundation covers my acne scars, current breakouts, freckles, and doesn’t settle in my rapidly forming wrinkles. I use this daily, which probably doesn’t help the breakouts, but I never leave the house without it. I buy this in Light 45. It usually lasts me about 6 months, even though I use it so frequently which makes it totally worth the cost.

Color Last by L.A. Colors costs about $4 each at Walmart and seriously lasts forever. You do two coats and a top coat and allow it to thoroughly dry and you get a salon quality manicure for a fraction of the cost. Depending on how shaky your hands are with the brush. I INTEND on buying many, many more colors of this brand.
And those are just a few of my favorite things. I may do another post in the future with more of my favorite things, but those are things I was able to take quick pictures of. What are some of your favorite things?

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