28 Life Lessons in 28 Years

So, hey, its my birthday!
I don’t ever really do anything fun or interesting for my birthdays as in the past high expectations around this day have usually left me bitterly disappointed.
But I thought it might be a good day to share some of the insights I have learned throughout my semi-short 28 years. Some of these may be funny, some may be serious, some may not teach you anything at all, and there may be some crossovers.
But its my birthday so…
Give me a break?

  1. Your mom is the strongest person you don’t know. Take the time now to appreciate her for absolutely everything that woman has done for you. She loves you more than you will ever know.
  2. You will miss being in school someday, especially when the bills start coming.
  3. You can tell your left from right hand by making Ls with your thumb and forefinger, the one that actually looks like an L is your left.
  4. Don’t choose your college based on where your friends on planning on going. The majority of them will drop out or transfer, leaving you alone at a school that does not suit you.
  5. Baby fever can be cured by babysitting for a weekend.
  6. Make sure if you share Netflix passwords you have the package that allows you to watch on the same number of screens the amount of people sharing said password. There is a limit.
  7. Wash windows using a circular wiping motion. And put some strength in it.
  8. Floss now, thank me later.
  9. Apply for every scholarship you find, even if you think you won’t get it. The fewer student loans you take out the farther ahead you will be post college graduation.
  10. The person you end up with probably won’t be the type you think you are attracted to. Soulmates defy boundaries. Keep an open mind and open heart.
  11. Get the HPV vaccine. Trust.
  12. Don’t be ashamed to ask your doctor questions. Your knowledge of your body should not be limited and if something feels off, trust yourself. Even the personal stuff, ladies. Ask, ask, ask.
  13. Learn to cook one thing well before you leave Mom and Dad/Grandparents/Etc. Pancakes, fried chicken, casserole, bacon, whatever. Someday you will need to feed yourself, gotta start somewhere.
  14. Save your spare change in a bowl, hat, shoe, whatever. Save it for a whole year. At the end of the year spoil yourself with something pretty. Or pay your electric bill finally.
  15. Open a savings account and save SOMETHING. A little at a time goes a long way and the interest is basically free money.
  16. Take social risks. I have always been incredibly introverted and painfully shy. As a result I have few friends and have never really had a wide social circle or felt comfortable participating in extracurricular activities. It is one of my biggest regrets in life that I did not open up more socially and now I feel like I am too old to make up for it. Be uncomfortable now and reap the rewards later. There will always be something embarrassing to look back on but better to be embarrassed and find your tribe than not be embarrassed and be lonely your entire life.
  17. Drink more water. Just, you probably need to drink more water.
  18. Read whatever you want and don’t let the judgement of others keep you from enjoying the genre, author, series you love.
  19. Let go of grudges. Don’t forget but forgive.
  20. Becoming a parent will be the most terrifying but empowering moment of your life. Nothing will prepare you for the immense responsibility and there is no turning back.
  21. Visit your grandparents and listen to their stories. There will come a day when you try desperately to remember something they told you and you won’t be able to remember because you brushed them off as inconvenient.
  22. Always make time for self-care. Your mental health is important, prioritize it as such.
  23. Spend more time outdoors. I understand some people can limited physically and going outdoors is especially challenging, but nature has been the closest I have ever felt to god. Feel the wind on your face, get some dirt under your nails, pick a wildflower. Interact with nature in some from at least once a week. Going outdoors can provide clarity no amount of caffeine can.
  24. Speaking of caffeine, try black coffee, no creamer, no sugar. Just once. If you like it, great! Nearly calorie free pick me up, if not, hey, you just spit it back out and go back to your too sweet, bland “coffee.”
  25. Get a pet. Animals have a way of seeing into our most basic selves and loving in spite of that. I have had ferrets, birds, mice, hamsters, cats, and dogs. I have loved them all and they left little animal prints all over my heart.
  26. Learn to wash dishes by hand. Chances are your dishwasher will break down someday, or you will move into an apartment that has no dishwasher. Learn to clean your eating utensils in advance to ensure you aren’t eating off crusty spaghetti plates in the future.
  27. Take a Gov 101 course in high school/college. Again, just trust me on this. If you are an American citizen or aspiring American citizen you need to know how your government works. Democracy doesn’t work on the willfully ignorant.
  28. Life is full of ups and downs. There will be some absolutely god awful, hard years. But there will also be years of immense happiness and personal growth. You take the bad with the good and you persevere.

And that is pretty much the sum of my 28 years. I know, not a lot going on but I live in a rural town in SE Kentucky. My life is blissfully basic.
Now to enjoy some cake, I hope! (Writing this in advance of my B-Day, hoping the hubby springs for ice cream cake.)

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