Hello, everyone (anyone?)! If you have stumbled on this page, you are definitely lost. But since you’re here, you might as well browse the content! I am yet another millennial mama blogger, but that isn’t all. I am also a military spouse, my hubby is in the National Guard, and I am a Reference Librarian and Information Literacy Instructor at a community college.


Besides my day jobs (librarian, mother, and wife) I moonlight as an amateur writer, hence this blog. I enjoy writing fiction and am working on a YA fantasy novel.

I live in the Appalachian Mountain region of Kentucky in a tiny town with a lot of problems but with a lot of heart. I love my home, the culture and the people are one of a kind.

All these pieces make up a substantial part of who I am and what I have to say.

This blog began as a series of love poems and letters called Love Deployed that my husband could easily access while he deployed for 9 months to the Middle East. He has returned home safely, and we are working through the reintegration period. Life is hectic and stressful but beautiful, and I will probably write about it here sometimes, but the crazy part keeps me busy!