Distance is a Myth and This Too Will Become a Tale Someday

Poseidon in his watery prison has loved Selene from afar, turning his tides to draw her gaze upon him.
And Selene hung upon the velvet canvas of night unable to sink into the salty waves from her lofty height blinks slowly with regret, filling her vision with the peaked foam depths.
I love you like the ocean loves the moon, the sight of her in the night sky roiling the ocean into tidal frenzies.
I love you with the eternal pattern of nature, unwavering and confident in the reassurance of return.
I love you with the eternal intent of gods and the immortal imperviousness of our souls.
I love you as I have always and will always love you, in lives since passed and lives to come, and in that space of afterlife, our Heaven ensnared in each other’s eyes.
And long before the goddess took up residence beside the empty cratered lake to stand guard over far off blue green seas and long after those seas have ebbed eternally too heavy and ancient with geological burden I have, I will, love you.

And All I Can Give is Everything I Am

When I said I loved you that very first night
I said it from the depths of a heart I thought was ice cold.
I didn’t know.
When you dropped to one knee by my grandfather’s grave
and asked me if I wanted to try forever,
I didn’t know.
When I dressed in flowing white
And we recited our promises for a happy life,
I didn’t know.
When I saw that second pink line and my heart skipped a beat
And when I told you your face glowed radiantly.
I didn’t know.
When the pain wracked my body for hours on end
And you held my leg until our daughter was born,
I didn’t know.
Everyday you were with me, I didn’t know how this distance would feel.
Everyday you were with me, I was whole and new and real.
I didn’t know how much you truly meant to me until you had to leave.
And when you return to me, My Love, I will never forget.
When you return to me, My Love, I will cherish every new moment.
I didn’t know but “Thank You, Deployment,” I know now.

I Love You Seven Different Ways

1 I fell in love on that first day
with how your blue eyes met mine.
2 When you grabbed my face with both hands
and kissed me and I felt our hearts intertwine.
3 When we stood on a river bank and exchanged bands
and vows of how we would love each other beyond death.
4 But I have learned that love changes
with every new day from loss, to our baby’s first breath,
5 and then seeing all the ranges
of emotions as you became a father.
6 And when you knew you had to say goodbye,
even if for a short time, caused me to falter.
7 Each day away is a sacrifice
that I would not endure for anyone else.

Because I love you. Infidimensionally.