To the Little Boy with the Cystic Hygroma

This is your heart beat.

A slow steady rhythm marked by flickering white light.

This is the pulse of life.

An erratic fast then slow but pushing on relentlessly.

In the rush of everything, everyone, and everywhere I need to be,

I listen for the thumping in your chest

That sets my steps

And Moves me on despite the setbacks and lacking self-confidence.

I listen for the next beat with bated breath.

Keep beating though the journey is long.

Keep beating though the slog is hard.

Keep beating to guide me where I can hold you in my arms

and become the one who leads you beyond.


So, since my husband returned safely from his deployment, I have been thinking about what to do with this blog. I had been posting love poems and letters for my hubby to enjoy and to hopefully connect with others who were going through the same thing. Now that he is home, the nature of the blog and my day to day life has changed. I changed the name of the blog to more generally reflect my interests.
Blogging in and of itself is such a niche interest, and usually, the things people write about are only of interest to a few people at a time. I don’t particularly want to reach for topics I am not personally interested in just to attract an audience. I do have, what I feel is, a wide variety of interests from:

  • parenting
  • writing
  • reading
  • DIY
  • military
  • politics
  • libraries
  • information literacy
  • Appalachia
  • history
  • cooking
  • nature
  • etc.

I hope to post some variable and honest content. As you can see, it will be eclectic. But I am hoping my audience is similar to me (random and nerdy).
Living in a rural area, I feel like I have a limited number of people who may share my interests and blogging is a way to find my community. Look for some different content in the future including book reviews, recipes, experiences in the real world, and hopefully so much more.

Your Little Baby Girl

Little baby girl slumbering away
You’ve had your milk and a time to play
And though it’s early you’ve had a long day.
Little baby girl with lashes curled on your cheek
And lips pursed out like you long to speak
But long slow breaths mark a deep sleep.
Little baby girl with arms flung to the sides
As though you dream of a longing to fly
Or catching the power of the ocean tides.
Little baby girl let me dream with you
Of your future bright and with hope imbued
And a longing to live and share love too.