I Bought It In A Drugstore: Beauty Product Review

Living in a rural town, easy access to high-end makeup is just not a thing. The nearest Sephora is over 100 miles away. Online shopping has saved my life more than once when I have run out of Kat Von D’s Tattoo Foundation (in 45, if interested) which is my all-time favorite foundation.
But what about when I need something immediately because I ran out and didn’t plan ahead? What if, as a working mama, or let’s face it, a mama period, we just don’t have time to go to a beauty store where the prices necessitate making an informed purchase? What if you just want a product you can practice with or want to try a product you have never used before?
For me, all of the above applies. I have never used highlighter though. I have a contour kit, but really that is the most complex I get with my makeup. I have seen highlighter all over Instagram lately though, and the shimmery glow has me hooked. At the same time, I don’t know when I will be able to get to a beauty supply store, and I have never used it so don’t know how to use it or what colors flatter me. So I thought I would pick up a palette from my local drugstore. I browsed the various sections for colors that I’d like and finally settled on this palette from Revlon called Galaxy Dream, a holographic highlighting palette numbered 003 if that means anything to anyone.

These colors make me think of a futuristic, sci-fi fantasy, perfect for my nerdy soul. (Hubby dropped it in the checkout aisle, so the powder got a little loosened before opening…men.)

Tried to demo on the arm like others on Instagram but phone camera is meh.

I applied my makeup regularly and saved highlighter for the last step which is what I think you are supposed to do. I obviously didn’t look up any tutorials before applying.
Face without highlighter.
Face without highlighter.

I applied the bottom right color to the top of my cheekbone. I then applied the top left shade slightly above that and below my brow bones. I did not use all the colors on the first application.
I really like the subtle sheen of the palette, and the colors are neutral enough for a makeup newbie like me to not feel overdone or flamboyant when out in public. The powder felt smooth to the touch and glided on. I also appreciated the mirror built into the palette since my daughter recently shattered my makeup mirror. It is large for a hand mirror and square.
Face with highlighter.
Face with highlighter.

Overall I am pleased with the purchase and will probably use it nearly every day. It doesn’t feel heavy and the colors are light and the shimmer is just flashy enough to give me a nice soft glow.